NotePlan Changelog

Find the latest app updates to NotePlan here.

Shortcuts Support

v3.13 Shortcuts Support

The new Shortcuts actions let you capture things and send them to NotePlan with just a tap, a Siri command, or the Action button. They come with lots of options and integrate with other shortcuts, too.

Improvements and bug fixes

v3.12.1 Improvements and Bug Fixes

Cleaning up some issues from the last release in v3.12 which added drawings on iOS.

Drawing Support Update

v3.12 - Drawing Support

Have an Apple Pencil? Then this will be one of your favorite updates. Add handwritten text, sketch diagrams and more.

v3.11.2 Improved Reminders Integration

v3.11.2 - Improved Reminders Integration

Find a deeper Reminders integration in v3.11.2. Finally you get access to all your Reminders in NotePlan.

Improvements and bug fixes

v3.11.1 - Improvements and Bug Fixes

This update is packed with smaller improvements and bug fixes, including fixes to crashes and app hanging.

v3.11 - Sidebar Filters

Plan smarter and keep your eye on what's next. You can now switch between your daily timeline and filters in the sidebar, on macOS, iPadOS and iOS.

v3.10 - Interactive Filters

The first NotePlan release of the year gives your filters super-powers! If you use filters to plan and review, this update will skyrocket your workflow!

v3.9.11 - Live edits to Filter Items

For NotePlan’s last release in 2023, we’re bringing you live edits to Filter items! Plus, wiki links now automatically hide the brackets when you’re not editing the link.

v3.9.10 - Time block calendar sync

Introducing: time block calendar sync! You can now sync your NotePlan time blocks to your calendar as events in NotePlan 3.9.10.

Improvements and bug fixes

v3.9.9 - Improvements and Bug fixes

We have made a couple of improvements in this release by fixing a list of annoying bugs and crashes, enjoy!

v3.9.8 - NotePlan widgets

Say hello to NotePlan widgets on iOS and macOS Sonoma! You can now see your daily tasks at a glance. This update to NotePlan also comes with brand-new app icon options!

v3.9.6 - Indented Tasks

This update to NotePlan makes working with indented tasks much easier!

v3.9.4 - Customizing your notes

NotePlan 3.9.4 is all about customizing your notes! With new formatting options and styles, you’ll be able to create your own unique color palettes.

v3.9.3 - NotePlan brings AI to your notes

This update to NotePlan brings AI to your notes and lets you migrate notes easily from Obsidian! It also introduces a few little formatting improvements.

v3.9.2 Timeblock Notifications

NotePlan 3.9.2 brings you two features to make your workflow even more productive: sending meeting notes and notifications when time blocks start.

v3.9.1 Multi-day View

The latest NotePlan release introduces a multi-day view to let you plan your time blocks across up to 7 days. NotePlan 3.9.1 also allows you to complete tasks right from your timeline on macOS!

v3.9 Timeline to iOS and iPadOS

NotePlan 3.9 bring the timeline feature to iOS and iPadOS!

v3.8.1 Introducing Tables

The latest version of NotePlan includes tables, a much-requested feature. You can now easily create a table inside a note on Mac, iPad, and iPhone. (Tables require minimum macOS Big Sur and iOS 15.).

v3.8 Checklists and new time blocking actions

NotePlan 3.8 introduces checklists and new time blocking actions to boost your productivity!