v3.12.1 Improvements and Bug Fixes

Cleaning up some issues from the last release in v3.12 which added drawings on iOS.

Improvements and bug fixes

In this small update, we are fixing a couple of issues from the last release, which went unnoticed for a while. Especially problems with AI transcription have been addressed and some other minor problems you have reported.

  • Fixed image transcription in dark mode
  • Fixed loading of the right AI model
  • Fixed crash when searching
  • Fixed 'link note' sometimes cut off in the event editor
  • Disabled auto-pairing for smart quotes (which always caused problems)
  • Fixed '&' cutting off the text when sending a note as an email with Outlook
  • Fixed theme color of modification/creation date labels in the top right menu
  • Removed 'reload' from the right-click menu in web view plugins
  • Fixed when scheduling tasks sometimes selected only the last task

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