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Looking for a Craft alternative that does more than docs?

NotePlan is more than just notes - it offers a structured approach to managing projects and tackling tasks. With daily notes and folders, you can supercharge your workflow and stay on top of your work effortlessly.

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Why choose NotePlan?

Document Structure

Markdown files for simplicity and portability

Restrictive proprietary format, less portable

Task Management

Timeblocking, repeating tasks, custom views, fluid task movement, Review feature for filtering

Primitive task management with simple checkboxes


Bidirectional linking for easy navigation

Basic document linking


Full-text search with filters across all notes for quick access

Search limited to documents and blocks without filters

Multiple Teamspaces

Multiple Teamspace in one subscription for seamless team collaboration

Need a subscription for each Teamspace

Weekly Review

Built-in weekly review for better planning

Feature not available

Calendar & Reminders

Integrates with calendar and reminders for productivity

Limited features available

Customization and Theming

Highly customizable with fonts, colors, styles, and editor

Restricted to available presets

Tags and Mentions

Supports hashtags and mentions, with search functionality for both

No support for hashtags; Cannot search by mentions

Plugin Architecture

Supports a wide range of plugins for task management and note-taking

No plugin system

Here's what people are saying

"NotePlan is perfect for both. I’d use folders for Personal Knowledge Management, and utilize the daily note for tasks, meeting notes, and etc. I’ve tried a handful of larger note apps and NotePlan satisfies me the most thus far."


"I’ve tried Notion, Obsidian, Roam, Craft, Tana, and Anytype. NotePlan has the layout and functionality that I need. The integration with my calendar is great. It handles tasks better than any other on this list. I don't have to fiddle with it to make it do what I need to do."


Stop procrastinating, start getting things done.