"It's ideal for planning out your day, Bullet Journal style. [...] the combination of scheduling, tagging, and (plain text, portable) notes in one place makes it a true productivity tool."
Brett Terpstra, MacStories
"What makes this app truly unique is the use of Markdown, which really speeds up both taking notes and creating action items."
"If you love plain text notes, but hate that they have no way to integrate with your calendars and reminders, then you might just find this to be the perfect app."
Charlie Sorrel, Cult of Mac
NotePlan Mac window showing a markdown note and iPhone and iPad showing the calendar

Here is what you get

NotePlan uses flexible notes with integrated todos to plan your day.
Use it to build your productivity machine.

  • A Calendar gives you an overview of all your notes
  • Mark your todos as done, scheduled or cancelled
  • Use alternative or additionally to TaskPaper, Omnifocus, etc.
  • Use Markdown with custom flavor for productivity
  • Link between all notes and use Hashtags to stay organized
  • Distraction-free and clean user interface
  • iCloud Drive Synchronization between your iDevices
  • All your data saved in plain, human readable text files
  • General notes for projects and lists outside the calendar
  • Schedule todos to different dates across your calendar
  • Simplistic and text-based - no magic!
  • Pulls events automatically from your iCalendar and Reminders

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How people rate NotePlan

"Excellent Approach

NotePlan does ( finally ) bridge the gap between Markdown notes and the calendar! Well thought through, nicely designed and intuitively to use. The perfect application for plain text geeks out there. [...]"

by Stefano F. Rausch

"10/10, been using it since beta v1!

I got into planning with Markup by using FoldingText. NotePlan goes one step further and allows me to easily plan my days with a handy calendar. I highly recommend you watch the video on his site os you can get how the workflow works. It's excellent! [...]"

by Leocrespo

"Best Planner Yet.

I have a lot of applications for making and tracking my jobs, but I really love NotePlan the best. Since all of my notes and schedules are kept in Markdown files, this program fits right in to my workflow. Looking forward to the scriptability coming in future releases."

by Thai Guay

"A great Markdown calendar and notetaking app.

A really great and quite flexible calendar and notetaking app that I would certainly recommend to everyone. I love being able to create tasks in notes that I can then attach to days, as well as the ability to link notes together and have links in days that send me directly to specific notes. [...]"

by zverhope

Keep journal of your progress towards your achievements

Quickly jot down tasks, checklists, notes and your journal into a plain markdown editor. You can format and order your todos visually into different projects like this:

# Project Title
* First Todo
* [x] Something done
* [>] Scheduled to another day

Mark tasks as done, deleted or schedule them to another day in your calendar. This makes it incredibly flexible and easy.

Markdown note with titles and todo management on NotePlan for iOS

Plan your things inside a note for every day in your calendar

Powerful planning in two steps:

  1. Write your plan with markdown notes - one note for every day

  2. Go to the calendar and see all your tasks in a bird’s eye view

Your todo’s state is color-coded. Calendar events and reminders are also pulled from your iCloud.

Markdown calendar view on NotePlan for Mac

Write lists, backlogs and other notes outside the calendar sorted by tags

Don’t build one giant list. With general notes you can make short lists, organize them with tags and link between them to create your internet of lists:

- Use #tags to filter
- Link notes by [[Title]]
- Link dates by [[YYYY-MM-DD]]

You can build a collection of reference material, check lists, backlogs, etc. and combine them in master lists. You can also link back to markdown notes in your calendar.

Markdown notes overview on NotePlan for iOS

Review your days and stay on track with your goals

NotePlan will show you open points in the calendar, so you won’t miss out on anything. It forces you to review your tasks and take a decision:

- Is it done?
- Is it not important anymore?
- Or better schedule it to another day?

This way you get reminded and nothing slips through the cracks.

Schedule todos on NotePlan for Mac
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