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Digital Bullet Journal

Be productive, one day at a time

Getting organized starts today. And tomorrow. With NotePlan's daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly notes, you stay on top of things that need your attention right now. Without losing track of the bigger picture next week, month, or year.

Daily Notes.
Plan, prioritize, and focus on what's important. Daily Notes let you zoom in and make progress step by step.
Weekly, Monthly, Yearly Notes.
Set big goals and pull them into view each month, week, or day. Never lose track of the bigger picture by breaking up large goals into small daily tasks
Upcoming Tasks Filter.
Plan ahead and adjust your tasks on the fly. Move things around and keep your daily workload manageable.

Personal Knowledge Management (PKM)

Store your notes, ideas, and thoughts in one place and create a network of links. From meeting summaries or full project details to brainstorms. Connect your notes to tasks and you're always up to speed.

Create a network of related notes the same way your brain works.
your notes with the PARA (Projects, Areas, Resources, Archives) system. Or any other way you like.
Command Bar.
Powerful actions are just a keystroke away. Search for anything, use AI tools (summarize or rewrite), or do much more with flexible plugins.

Task Management

Get it done

Manage your tasks with ease and plan your days to perfection. With flexible task management that works the way you do. Recurring tasks, time blocks, filters, checklists and so much more. All you have to do is the work.

Plan tasks in the future with a few keystrokes, from tomorrow to next year. And see the task pop up when your daily note rolls around.
Time Blocking.
Make real progress on your tasks by setting aside blocks of time. Stay focused and productive with time-block reminders.
Custom Task Filters.
Ensure nothing slips through the cracks with dedicated filter views that collect your tasks. Want to see overdue tasks with a #tag from project notes only? No problem.

Native, Local & Plaintext

Focused on your notes only

NotePlan works on every Apple device and on the web. And your data is safe, secure, and stored in an open format (txt or md) everywhere. That means you're taking notes privately, securely, and quickly. And you're never locked in.

Open Text Format

Everything you put into NotePlan is stored in plaintext Markdown files, easily opened in any text editor. That means you’re never locked in and always in control of your files.

Available Everywhere

All of your tasks and notes are stored locally and synced with Apple’s private cloud framework. So all of your data is instantly available everywhere. And with native apps, things are lightning fast. Whether you’re online or offline.

Built for Speed

Markdown formatting, keyboard shortcuts, a global command bar: NotePlan lets you work quickly and efficiently. Use natural language input to plan and tag tasks with ease. And without ever leaving the keyboard.

Features you'll love

Calendar & Reminders
are natively integrated with macOS and iOS. Always keep an eye on upcoming meetings and timeblocks.
let's you effortlessly create tasks and format notes without leaving the keyboard.
Instantly Sync
all of your tasks and notes everywhere between our MacOS, iOS and web app.
Tags & Mentions
to streamline organization with #tags for topics and @mentions to assign tasks, all instantly searchable from the sidebar.
Publish Notes
to share a read-only version of your note on the web with outside collaborators.
to kickstart your daily note, project, or meeting minutes. Save time by reusing your existing content.

Loved by people who are serious about productivity

From task management to note-taking, NotePlan users love the all-in-one approach to get more done each day.

    • As a startup founder, I must be as productive as possible. NotePlan is the first app that continues to feel fast and responsive, supporting my full calendar, to-do lists, project plans, and meeting notes! Highly recommended!

      Clint Laskowski

      Founder & CEO - Summary Medical, Inc.

    • NotePlan is a critical part of my workflow. I've converted fully to Markdown for all of my notes and NotePlan handles this so well, bringing together my daily agenda items and any associated notes I take.

      Brad Rokosz

      Enterprise Strategist

    • The best note taking app - I’ve tried all of the different note taking apps – Obsidian, Roam, logseq, Craft – you name it. [...] NotePlan ticks all of the boxes that the others don’t. 💯% worth it!


      Nov 15 - Apple App Store

    • The seamless integration of my calendar, tasks, and notes ensures that even the most hectic day or week is under control and all in one place. I cannot imagine doing what I do without NotePlan.

      Evan Hunter

      Technical Solutions Architect - Cisco Systems, Inc.

    • First class - Apart from the excellent functionality I have never known a more responsive development team. Best in class! I am very positive about the future of NotePlan and it is now my go to app for note taking.

      Peter E

      Nov 15 - Apple App Store

    • It is a wonderful note-taking app which helps me not only to keep track of my thoughts, but also of what I need to do and when.

      José Suárez

      Head of Technology at Digitt

    • I always have context when doing my tasks. It is simple yet powerful and I positively love that it is built around Markdown, which allows for great interoperability with other apps.

      Ricardo Liberato

      Agile and DevOps Entrepreneur - SOLID REASON

    • The best task, time and work management tool - This app is what everyone needs - a simple but very effective note-taking and work management tool. The positives are too long to list [...]


      Jan 3 - Apple Mac App Store

    • Best planning app for me - The only productivity app that has stood the test of time for me. Using since May 2018.


      Dec 28 - Apple Mac App Store

One subscription. All apps. Every device.

Stop procrastinating, start getting things done.
Download NotePlan, open your daily note, and get started.
No setups, no tinkering, no plugins. Just you, your tasks, and your notes.

$8.33 / month

$99.99 billed annually. Cancel anytime.

$9.99 / month, billed monthly

  • On your Mac, iPad, iPhone, and Web
  • Plan, track and achieve your goals
  • No setup is needed, download and start
  • No more context switching (3 apps in one)
  • Integrated with Calendar and Reminders
  • Offline-first with local markdown files
  • Seamless native (Apple) CloudKit sync
  • Discord community for learning and help
VAT may apply, all prices in USD.

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