"It's ideal for planning out your day, Bullet Journal style. [...] the combination of scheduling, tagging, and (plain text, portable) notes in one place makes it a true productivity tool."
"What makes this app truly unique is the use of Markdown, which really speeds up both taking notes and creating action items."
"If you love plain text notes, but hate that they have no way to integrate with your calendars and reminders, then you might just find this to be the perfect app."
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Use Case: Meeting Notes

Read here how you can use NotePlan to write effective, searchable meetings notes.

Use case meeting notes

Capture Your Thoughts

Open up today and get things off your mind. Quickly capture anything important: to-dos, details, journal entries, quotes, etc.

Your mind works much better if you write down everything and don’t have to hold it in your memory.

Editor Only view

Plan Your Day

Organize your tasks for the day by structuring them into headings and lists to get clarity and an overview of what needs to be done - Today.

You can also format your text with bold, italic, quotes and so on using the toolbar.

Use @tags and #tags to mark tasks you want to quickly look up later. For example, if you need to follow up with someone, use @tim or for projects #marketing.

Schedule todos

Review and Re-Schedule

Chances are, at the end of the day some to-dos are still open or you collected a few ideas which need your attention. Take your time and review them at the end of the day or week and make a quick decision: cancel, re-schedule or finish them right now.

Use the month or week view for your reviews and to navigate through your calendar.

Calendar Only view as week view

Organize Your Projects

Create project notes for each of your goals, then schedule the to-dos into your calendar. Manage your calendar events & reminders alongside your to-dos to plan your time effectively

Mark notes with nested tags like #project/marketing to sort them into different categories.

Schedule todos
Walkthrough - Layout

1. The Layout

Walkthrough - Capture To-dos

2. Capture To-dos

Walkthrough - Manage & Reschedule

3. Manage & Reschedule

Walkthrough - Project Notes

4. Project Notes

Walkthrough - View Modes

5. View Modes

Walkthrough - Themes

6. Themes

A Theme for Every Taste

Dark, light and everything in between. Select one of many themes to change the colors of the whole app, from clear white to elegant and complete black.

Sync Across Your Devices / Work Offline

NotePlan is supported on iPhone, iPad (sold separately) and Mac. It syncs all your data using iCloud and iCloud Drive. This way you can also work offline and plan away anywhere at any time.

Your Notes, Not Our’s

NotePlan saves and syncs all your notes in plain-text files securely on your iCloud Drive. We can’t see your notes, events, reminders or anything else. Events and Reminders are integrated with your iCloud account.

It’s Distraction-Free

NotePlan gets out of your way with a minimalistic design. It’s just you and your day. Tools are tucked away into a custom toolbar and you can use simple, adjustable Markdown to format your notes and to-dos.

It Gives You a Bird’s Eye View

The weekly and monthly calendar gives you an overview of your tasks. Days in the past will be marked if they still have open tasks. And a glimpse into the future days tell you what’s coming up.

It Combines Notes and Calendar

NotePlan allows you to work from notes and calendar at the same time, while giving you a glance at all the events and reminders of the day.

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