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Collaborate, plan, and track effortlessly with Teamspaces

NotePlan Teamspaces keep your team organized with shared daily notes and project spaces to brainstorm, assign tasks, and track progress - all in one place.

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Shared Daily Notes

Conquer your day together with shared Daily Notes

Team Daily Notes streamline standups, capture decisions & plan tasks together. Save time, stay focused & achieve more as a team.

Meeting Notes

Document team decisions and feedback

Teamspaces offers a collaborative space for teams to share meeting notes, ensuring key takeaways, feedback, and decisions from team meetings and client presentations are captured and accessible to all members

Team Wiki

Break down information silos with centralized documentation

Teamspaces empowers teams to centralize documentation, from engineering architecture decisions to design guidelines and product insights, ensuring consistency and informed decision-making across projects.

Multiple Teamspaces

Streamline team organization with multiple Teamspaces

Keep your teams on track! Create dedicated Teamspaces for Marketing, Engineering & more. Each team gets a central hub for projects, discussions & files. Scale smoothly without messy workspaces.

Streamline workflow for all teams

For Engineering Teams

Facilitate sprint planning, track progress, document technical decisions, troubleshoot issues - all within organized Teamspaces. Create multiple Teamspaces for specialized teams, promoting innovation & idea sharing.

For Design Teams

Document meeting takeaways, client communication, and design documentation. Teamspace notes become a central hub for design documentation, ensuring consistency across projects.

For Product Teams

Daily standup notes keep everyone aligned. Capture customer feedback & insights from various channels. Utilize Teamspaces for knowledge sharing and continuous improvement in product development strategies.

One subscription for your team

Create teamspaces and invite up to 5 team members to collaborate.
Write documentation, assign tasks, track goals, and plan projects.

$19.99 / month

One subscription. 5 team members. Unlimited Teamspaces. (Sign in to the web version, then Settings > Purchase)

  • Collaborate in the browser on any platform
  • Plan, and achieve your goals together
  • Create a teamspace and start, no setup needed
  • Integrated with Google calendar
  • Daily logging of your team's work
  • Set goals in weekly notes
  • Assign tasks with @mentions
  • See an overview of tasks assigned to a member
VAT may apply, all prices in USD.