v3.9.1 Multi-day View

The latest NotePlan release introduces a multi-day view to let you plan your time blocks across up to 7 days. NotePlan 3.9.1 also allows you to complete tasks right from your timeline on macOS!

NotePlan 3.9.1 is out and lets you plan your days even better with a new multi-day timeline on macOS!

You can now view up to 7 calendar days and easily drag, drop, and adjust time blocks, events, and reminders. It’s the perfect way to plan your week or just the next couple of days. The latest update also introduces a context menu to interact with items on your timeline. Last but not least, NotePlan for iOS lets you create and view meeting notes from the timeline view.

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🔭 Flexible Planning Ahead!

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Planning your day in NotePlan is super easy: take items from your daily note and drag them onto the timeline to create time blocks.

But what if you want to move a task to tomorrow for a specific time slot? And wouldn’t it be nice to balance your workload by looking at the next couple of days? Or what if something comes up and you need to shuffle meetings and time blocks around? The latest update to NotePlan on macOS makes it a breeze with the multi-day timeline!

Your familiar timeline can now show more than one day. You can see up to 7 days with all your tasks, reminders, and time blocks in full view. From the current week, over a couple of days, to a list view with just events: NotePlan gives you the freedom to show you just what you want.

📋 Timeline Menu Superpowers

The new multi-day view is a great way to plan and do even more. Since you’ll probably spend more time here, NotePlan 3.9.1 adds a new context menu to timeline items.

Clicking an item on the macOS timeline now reveals a menu to complete or cancel a time block, or even reveal it or unschedule it. And there’s even more: you can now join online meetings from your timeline events with a single click!

🗓 Meeting Notes on iOS 

Creating a meeting note on your iPhone? Or just want to review the notes attached to a previous meeting? On iOS, it’s now just a tap away. Select your meeting from the timeline and create or view the meeting notes. It’s that simple!

💎 What Else is Improved?

  • Even faster performance for users with a lot of notes
  • Added x-callback-url to hide the NotePlan badge (noteplan://x-callback-url/iconBadge/?enable=no)
  • Added a context menu option "Show events" on iPadOS to show only the timeline of a calendar day (long-press a day in the calendar top right). So you can switch the timeline inside a project note.
  • Fixed an issue with renaming files and folders
  • Fixed duplicate references when periodic notes are turned off
  • Fixed an issue where images (attachments) were sometimes deleted when a new note was immediately moved
  • Fixed an issue with dragging tasks into the timeline from a Split View on iPadOS
  • Fixed an issue with date detection in the title of an event
  • Fixed an issue with changing recurring events and reminders
  • Updated the German translation
  • Fixed a couple of rare crashes related to Regular Expressions

🔌 Plugin Highlight: Habits & Summaries

Want to build new habits and keep track of them? Try the plugin "Habits & Summaries" to visualize your progress with graphs which you can embed into notes. 

You can track occurrences of habits or quantities, like minutes and hours spent on something such as working out or reading books. 

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