v3.11.2 - Improved Reminders Integration

Find a deeper Reminders integration in v3.11.2. Finally you get access to all your Reminders in NotePlan.

v3.11.2 Improved Reminders Integration

This update enhances the integration of NotePlan with Apple's Reminders, making it even easier to manage the tasks you capture through Reminders.

Previously, NotePlan only displayed Reminders that had specific dates or times assigned. Now, you can view all your Reminders by list, regardless of whether they have a date.

Here's how it works

You can now access un-dated Reminders through a new filter option. When setting up filters, select "Reminders" under the "by origin" option and disable all other options.

Reminders filter option

On macOS:

You can alternatively create the Reminders Filter by clicking on "New Filters" in the Filters view and then select "Reminders" as a template.

Reminders Template for Filters

To view your Reminders, you can choose your newly created Filter in the right sidebar by clicking on the drop-down button below the calendar and choosing your Filter (switching the Timeline to a filter).

Selecting Reminders in the filter options

On iOS:

To view your Reminders, just open any note, tap on the calendar and time button at the bottom right, and select the Reminders filter from the timeline.

Reminders filter option on iOS

Using the Reminders Filter with Siri

You can use Siri to quickly add Reminders by voice when you're busy, like when driving or cooking. Later, at your desk, open the Reminders Filter to see your tasks. You can either check them off directly from the filter or drag them into a note. Once moved, NotePlan will delete the original Reminder, effectively transferring it into NotePlan.

Drag Reminders

That's all for now (besides a few bug fixes) in this smaller update.

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