v3.11.1 - Improvements and Bug Fixes

This update is packed with smaller improvements and bug fixes, including fixes to crashes and app hanging.

Improvements and bug fixes


  • iPad Navigation: Hold CMD and click on folders in the command bar to reveal them in the sidebar.
  • Weekly References: Quotes will show up now in the weekly references view at the top of calendar notes. Use them to add your thoughts on your goals and weekly tasks.
  • Date Detection: Typing dates? Our command bar now recognizes ISO formats automatically.


  • Synced Lines and folded text: If you maintained synced lines inside the same note and some were folded "away", they stopped syncing. This is fixed now.
  • System Stability: Fixed various system hangs and crashes.
  • UI Consistency: "Event List" in the right sidebar will now remember to show up after a restart, and auto-complete forms will close properly when you expect them to (when typing >today).
  • Time Accuracy: Improved detection of time blocks (12-1pm for example), fixed timezone mix-ups (when traveling), and more.
  • Filter Fixes: From synced lines showing up correctly to ensuring events display right even with smaller fonts, as well as switching between views. Also, an empty monthly note showed up when the yearly note was part of the results.
  • Sync: Fixed creation date was reset after receiving a synced file
  • Plugin API:
  • Logging: We've cut down on excessive logging from plugins and enhanced logs for HTML views.
  • CommandBar: Added a third "searchText" parameter to showOptions and showInputs, so you can supply a default value.

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