v3.12 - Drawing Support

Have an Apple Pencil? Then this will be one of your favorite updates. Add handwritten text, sketch diagrams and more.

Drawing Support Update

You can now sketch and draw right inside NotePlan! Our latest update adds support for the Apple Pencil (iPadOS) so you can jot down things quickly. On the iPhone, you can simply draw using your finger. But that’s not all! NotePlan can recognize your handwriting (using AI) and turn it into text, too.

This update also adds support for OpenAI's latest model "GPT-4o", which is better, faster, and cheaper.

Apple Pencil Support

In NotePlan 3.12, you can add drawings, sketches, and handwritten text to any note. On iPadOS and iOS, simply tap the command icon (⌘), then tap the freehand drawing icon. Draw whatever you want, tap done, and ta-da! Your drawing is now available inside your note.

PencilKit Drawing

You can also transcribe handwritten text in your drawings. Simply long-press your image and choose “Transcribe” from the menu. NotePlan can even recognize tasks (written with circles), bullet points (points or dashes), and checkboxes (square boxes) and add them right inside your notes.

PencilKit Update ai transcription

This becomes really handy when you are taking meeting notes. In a meeting, taking notes with your Apple pencil, and having the iPad flat on the table makes you look more attentive (just like taking notes with a real pencil, instead of “hiding” behind the screen and keyboard). With AI transcription you don't have to worry about having to type out your notes later.

Other Improvements

  • The OpenAI integration has been updated to the latest version, GPT-4o, for smarter, better, and faster functionality.
  • Voice transcriptions longer than 25 minutes are now supported.
  • Added a long-press menu to images to delete or copy the image.
  • Fixed poor writing performance if typing above or below images.
  • Hanging and memory issues fixed.
  • Fixed sync error when moving the note right after creation.
  • Importing Reminders (through drag and drop from the Reminders filter), will complete the Reminder now (instead of deleting it) and more information is copied over (notes, location, if available).
  • Fixed notifications didn't show up for Timeblocks if the app was in the foreground.

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