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Get daily things done without the clutter.

Full, modern writing tool included for every day of a month.

NotePlan will give you the convenience of a modern writing editor supporting markdown. Add formatting to your task lists and notes to keep it better organized. A custom markdown flavour helps to mark your lists as: [x] done, [>] scheduled or [-] cancelled. The resulting formatting will help you to stay focused and shows up in the calendar. You have a whole note for every day to manage your microplanning.

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Monthly calendar overview with color coded daily note content.

See a summary of your notes and color coded lists in a monthly calendar view. Use keyboard shortcuts to navigate and quickly jump into a day to review or edit it. The calendar will also show you, if you missed out on some tasks, so nothing important slips from your mind.

Events from other calendars registered with your Mac will also show up inside your NotePlan calendar and inside your daily notes.

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Schedule tasks to stay organized.

If you couldn't finish a task, don't leave it unmanaged on the list. Re-schedule it to another day. Or, if you manage a backlog, schedule a todo directly from there onto your calendar.

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Backlogs, drafts, bug lists or just text notes, apart from the calendar.

Some information is not related to a day and should be kept separated from the calendar. Like bug lists or project backlogs. They can be managed in NotePlan and scheduled directly into the calendar, when required. Notes can be organized by tagging them. In the overview you can filter your notes by tags.

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