"It's ideal for planning out your day, Bullet Journal style. [...] the combination of scheduling, tagging, and (plain text, portable) notes in one place makes it a true productivity tool."
"What makes this app truly unique is the use of Markdown, which really speeds up both taking notes and creating action items."
"If you love plain text notes, but hate that they have no way to integrate with your calendars and reminders, then you might just find this to be the perfect app."
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Build Your Views

Customize NotePlan's filters until you see only what you need. Open, completed, scheduled, canceled tasks or a combination of everything. You decide. Are events and reminders important? If not, exclude them. This way you can create views that fit perfectly into your workflow.

Once a filter has been set up, you can save it to the sidebar and reuse it.

Note To-dos

Time-box Your List

You want to know what happened last week, this week, or next week? Or rather in a month? Or something totally custom? Define the timeframe which is important for you right now.

Search results are split between calendar a non-calendar tasks (you can also choose between the source of tasks). This way calendar tasks are displayed in a timeline while tasks from notes are combined with the note they come from.

Schedule todos

14 Days Free Trial
NotePlan is available for Mac, iPhone and iPad (sold separately)
Also available on the Mac App Store