Sync Calendar & Reminders with NotePlan

There are two kinds of entries you can create in NotePlan:

  1. Calendar & Reminder events

    By default, all your iCloud and local Calendars & Reminders are read by NotePlan and displayed in the calendar view and on top of each note. You can add additional events to your primary calendar and you can edit or delete existing entries (both calendar events and reminders). These actions are synced with your iCloud Calendars and Reminders app.

    Events and Reminders

    You should see the same events you have in the default Calendars app. If you add a calendar there, it will also show up in NotePlan.

    You can exclude specific calendars by switching them off in the menubar: View -> Calendar Sync Preferences.

    Calendar events are currently displayed purple in NotePlan's calendar view and Reminder events are displayed as red dots.

  2. NotePlan Text Entries

    These are entries such as Todos in the lower (main) part of each note. They are not synced with an external calendar. They are saved into plain text files into your iCloud Drive instead. Entries such as * Todo or just plain text.