How to restore Notes

You can restore contents of notes on your Mac to any change ever saved using one of following ways:

If you are using Time Machine, you can go to the last restore point set on your last Backup. Otherwise, your Mac is also making restore points of each change by default. In some cases, they are not visible right away.You can unlock those restore points if they aren’t already and restore a note via the TextEdit menubar.

Here is how: Open the note file with TextEdit (right-click, then “Open With”), make a minor change and save it. Now you can click on “File -> Revert To -> Browse All Versions…” in the TextEdit menubar and all restore points should be loaded now.

Step by step:

  1. Find the note:

    Show in Finder

  2. Open the note in TextEdit:

    Open with TextEdit

  3. Modify the note:

    Modify the note

  4. Open the restore menu in TextEdit:

    Open the restore menu in TextEdit

  5. Browse restore points and restore a copy:

    Browse restore points