Create calendar events and reminders

(This feature is currently only available on Mac)

NotePlan can create calendar events for the linked calendars in Apple's Calendar app and reminders in Apple's Reminders app, which is synced across your devices.

Here is how:

Add Events

On macOS open a calendar note and hover the upper area. A button "Add Event" should appear (if you already have some events displayed, it will show below them):

Add Event

When you click on this button a text field appears. By default you will create a calendar event in the default calendar:

Type Event

Type the text of the event or reminder and hit ENTER.

Add Reminders

You can switch to Reminders by clicking on the icon left of the text field:

Switch to reminders

Change primary calendar

In the same dialog, you see "Change Calendar...". This will open the calendar menu which shows all linked calendars. The default calendar has a star beside it. Change the default calendar to another one if you like by hovering the other calendar and pressing on the star icon:

Change primary calendar

Add a time to an Event or Reminder

If you don't pick a time for your event, it will automatically make it an "all day" event. Reminders can't be all day and they will be assigned a time automatically. You can add a time by typing @HH:mm, for example: @15:00. It will appear green if you did it right. If you are using 12-hour format, you can also use @HH:mm AM/PM, for example: @03:00 PM.

Event Time Example

Delete & Modify an existing Event or Reminder

If you want to change the text or time of an event hover it with your mouse and a menu icon appears left of it. Click on this menu icon to open a drop-down menu. There you can select Edit to modify the event or Delete to remove it. Reminders have additionally an option to Mark as completed:

Edit Event