Select single and multiple Todos on iOS

Using the text cursor on iOS often not that easy. Therefore we added a gesture which enables you to select single Todos as well as multiple Todos without having to deal with the cursor.

Here is how: Close the virtual keyboard if it was opened. Then tap & hold the Todo you want to select for a about second. The background will turn blue. Now you can release your tap and the toolbar will open at the bottom. From here you can apply some action to the Todo, such as marking it as done. If you don't want to do anything, you can close the selection by hitting the x icon in the toolbar.

If you want to select more than just this one Todo, you can tap on another Todo after selecting the first. The blue box will span all the content between the first and last selection. You can then apply an action to all of them in one go.

Here is a video demonstrating this and other text gestures: