Moving a Todo up or down

Sometimes you need to rearrange some Todos. This gets quite hard, especially on iOS. We have added a text gesture to make this much easier.

Moving Todos on iOS

Here is how: First you tap & hold the Todo you want to move until the background turns blue. Then without releasing the tap, you move your finger up or down. You should see an orange line moving with your finger. This line marks the point where you can drop the Todo. Release your finger to drop it.

Here is a video demonstrating this and other text gestures:

Moving Todos on macOS

On Mac, you can use a key combination to move Todos without using the mouse. First press & hold ⌃+⌘ (Control + Command). This will select the current line. Then keeping the key combination pressed, hit (up) or (down) as often as you like. You will see an orange line moving up or down. Release all keys to drop the Todo on the place where you navigated the line to. You can do this with multiple lines as well. Just select as many lines as you need before you start.