Difference between Mac AppStore and direct version

You can purchase two kinds of NotePlan versions:

  1. From the Mac AppStore
  2. From the website - noteplan.co

There is no difference in the features. Both versions are identical in this regard.

If you purchase from the Mac AppStore, payments, refunds, and downloads are handled from your Apple account. And you can leave a 5-star review (with or without feedback). This helps us a lot by the way!

If you purchase from the website (through "Paddle"), you can use Paypal or your credit card without using your Apple ID. Payments, refunds, and downloads are handled directly through us. So you can contact us in case of issues and we will resolve it as soon as possible. You will receive a license code via email which you can use to unlock NotePlan after the trial version. Additionally, we get to keep a little bit more from the revenue, but there is no way to give us a review, unfortunately.

Finally, choose whatever is more comfortable for you.